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Witten involved in fatal boating accident?

This is weird, first there is this article, about a fatal boating accident in Tennessee. One man dies, another was injured, and there is a lot of speculation and rumor about who was involved. So what does this have to do with the Cowboys? Well, there is a tiny follow-up article today that says Cowboys TE Jason Witten denies any involvement. The whole thing is very mysterious, the paper can't present any facts as to why Witten is even thought to be involved, except for rumors. Witten and Jerry Jones are going to issue a statement that says Witten's involvement is a hoax.

I have no idea what's going on but I sure hope this turns out to be just stupid speculation.

Update [2006-6-22 20:10:45 by Grizz]: In the comments below, BTB regular Deke says that Witten has been cleared. According to a post on an ESPN forum:

Good news folks. Witten and Grindstaff have been cleared. They just announced it on WJHL 11 on the late news. The Sherriffs Department and the TWRA impounded 6 boats that were known to be on the water that night. Theirs just happened to be one of them. They said they have cleared Witten 100% They just had to check all of them. Witten says he is preparing a statement with Jerry Jones to be released tomorrow concerning the incident.

Mike MacIntyre is our safeties coach and he likes to help out kids at football camp, too.

In other sporting news, the U.S. soccer team blew its bid to move on the 2nd round, losing to Ghana 2-1. Not a stellar effort for the national team in the World Cup.

The Knicks have fired Larry Brown as coach and named Isiah Thomas as the new head coach. It was just a matter of time until Thomas named himself coach. He deserves the punishment of having to coach this mess of a team that he helped create.

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