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Eatman article on the state of the Cowboys

Nick Eatman closes his four-part series on the NFC East with a review of the Cowboys. Nothing there you probably don't already know, but Eatman's concise - yet fact-filled - style of journalism makes it a good read.

Eatman on Owens:

Yes, Dallas has turned T.O. crazy thanks to new wide receiver Terrell Owens, who not only gives the Cowboys a bona fide superstar, but an offensive jolt that has been missing for several years.

On the field, no one can argue that Owens is the real deal. T.O. was well on his way to recording his sixth straight 1,000-yard receiving season before he was suspended by the Eagles after playing just seven games.

Owens is the most explosive Cowboys receiver since Michael Irvin, who ironically enough, lobbied publicly for the club to sign Owens after he was released by the Eagles.

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