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Cowboys article roundup

Over at the Dallas Cowboys website, they have a new article up about Chris Palmer, Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe all being back together again in Dallas. That's a pretty good idea for an article. Of course, you could've read my post - entitled "Putting the band back together" - on the same subject that I put up on Jan 31st of this year. Alas, mine didn't have all those snappy quotes from Palmer and Parcells, so go read their article, too.

In a new book written by some dudes, they use a Roger Staubach profile to exemplify the characteristics of high achievers.

There was more to the famous "Hail Mary" connection between Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach and wide receiver Drew Pearson than a fling and a prayer, hiring and development experts Herb Greenberg and Patrick Sweeney say.

In their latest book, Succeed on Your Own Terms, Greenberg and Sweeney, portray Staubach as the personification of grace under pressure, and they place that game-winning touchdown toss against the Minnesota Vikings three decades ago in the context of the numerous comebacks Staubach led during his days with the Cowboys.

Randy White gives a brief interview to a Jacksonville paper. Yes, they asked the requisite T.O. question.

Q: Is Terrell Owens going to be a good acquisition for the Cowboys?

A: "I think he will bring a dimension to that team that they have not had for a long time. Hopefully, he'll be able to play football and not become a distraction to the team. I say give the guy a chance and see what he does."

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