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Witten and Romo are best of friends

About a week ago I posted a story on the football camp Jason Witten held for kids. One of the guys there to help him was Tony Romo. Now Witten is returning the favor as Romo held a camp in the area where he grew up and Witten was right there.

Romo and Witten got high marks for their ability to work with the kids.

That was especially evident following Monday's lunch break. After the campers were shown the Cowboys' 2005 highlight film in the school's auditorium, Romo and Witten sat on the stage to answer questions from the attentive campers as thunder from a storm could be heard outside.

The questions were predictable, such as, "Are you happy to have T.O. (Terrell Owens) on your team?" "How much money do you make?" and "What defensive players do you fear the most?"

Where the two particularly excelled was when they were asked questions concerning self-motivation. Romo talked about how, "You never want to go into a game thinking you haven't done all you can to prepare" and how each athlete must be accountable to himself more than anyone while working to improve.

Witten encouraged the campers to keep away from video games and focus on maximizing their skills with a work ethic that would give them an edge over more talented players.

Witten just blew his shot at an endorsement deal with EA Sports. Encouraging kids to stay away from video games? That's downright un-American!

When I read this article I thought back to something I had posted earlier this year. It was an interview with Tony Romo, in January right after the season. It's an all-time classic when he talks about him and Jason Witten.

From the interview:

Q: Name a movie that you are embarrassed to admit you have seen and actually liked?

Romo: (laughing) Oh, oh, this is going to be pretty funny. Um, a movie that I've liked .

Q: You're embarrassed to admit that you liked.

Romo: Well, I, I did enjoy The Notebook.

Q: You did, huh?

Romo: Which was pretty good. I have to admit it's kind of a girly movie but it was, you know, you're like it was pretty good . . . to the girlfriend, but then to the guys you know you just like (say) yeah, it was OK.

Q: Uh, huh! Uh, huh!

Romo: Yeah cause you know . . . .

Q: OK, well that is interesting that you say that because you know we previously had Jason Witten On The Line . . . [(Witten: Yeah, and actually you know (Romo) went and saw (The Notebook with me) and I saw him a little teary eyed a little bit.]

Romo: Yeah, 'J' teared up, you know, and I had to console him - make sure he was OK and all, but you know, I'm a lot tougher than 'J' is.

Q: Uh, hum!

Romo: You know he's got that feminine quality about him so . . . I'm there to help him out.

Uh, OK. Let's just leave that one alone.

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