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Fasano at home in Parcells' crew

The DFW S-T has a profile on Anthony Fasasno by Rick Herrin.
Herrin claims that Fasasno is a Parcells Guy already. The evidence:

Talk about having an in with your new coach. Rookie draft pick Anthony Fasano hasn't played a down for the Cowboys and he's basically already a Bill Parcells guy.

First, he's a tight end -- a position Parcells loves.

Second, he was coached by Parcells' buddy and collegiate-level clone, Charlie Weis, at Notre Dame.

And, most of all, he's a Jersey guy like Parcells and a longtime Giants fan.

I agree, that probably gives you a pretty good head start to being a Parcells Guy. But the real test happens on Sundays, and we're just not there yet. What could stand in the way of him becoming a Parcells Guy?

Fasano's upside includes good hands, feet and a knowledge of the system. Blocking might be his biggest need for improvement.

Whiff on too many blocks and you're no Parcells Guy. Improve on his blocking skills and he'll be just what the doctor ordered. Plus, Fasano knows where his bread is buttered, and he has no problem sucking up to coaches.

"I think I really benefited with just the year I had with [Charlie Weis]," Fasano said. "I owe him a lot of money, I guess."

If the Football Gods are listening, in the future - post-Parcells - we would be calling Cowboys players "Weis Guys". Now that's funny, calling an Italian kid from New Jersey a "Weis Guy".

JJT dips his little toe into the Bledsoe/Owens relationship waters over at the DMN.

Every quarterback has them with every star receiver. Bledsoe and Keyshawn Johnson had a well-publicized beef on the sideline last year.

But they apologized to each before the next practice and it never escalated. That's what Bledsoe and Owens must do when they're inevitable spat happens.

History says Bledsoe will apologize for his role. The question is whether Owens will reciprocate. That's a question that can't be answered for another few months.

Fair enough. But here was the paragraph that I found the most interesting.

Dallas needs him to do that because, as strange as it sounds, the Cowboys' window of opportunity for winning already is closing. That's because key performers like Owens, Bledsoe and Terry Glenn are getting old for football players, though they're still young men.

I have to disagree though I understand his point. As young as the Cowboys have become in Parcells' tenure in Dallas, we are old at a few key positions, WR and QB. But in relationship to the whole team, that's a small number of key players who are old. Think about our defense, which is as young as you can get, and the rest of our offense is pretty young - except for Marco Rivera and Jason Fabini if he starts.

Luckily, the QB position can be ably manned by older players. Think John Elway. The receiver position is a little more dicey, especially if you're a speed receiver like Terry Glenn. On the other hand, Owens seems to be a physical freak of nature, and probably has 3-4 more years left in the tank with very little slippage.

Overall, I think its premature to be worrying about the window closing just yet, this Cowboys team is built for many more seasons of success if they manage it correctly.

JJT answered his mail in the same column. This little nugget made me a little uneasy.

Q: When the Cowboys went out in the free agent market and spent premium dollars on Anthony Henry, I asked myself why. I had never heard of the guy. It seems they have done the same thing with guard Kyle Kosier. Do you expect him to have the same kind of success as Henry before he got injured last season?

TAYLOR: Personally, I don't think so. Henry had been a good player with Cleveland and intercepted 10 passes as a rookie, so he had flashed some star potential. Kosier is with his third team in three seasons and that just bothers me. Maybe, it's not fair. But I don't like guys that bounce that much early in their careers. It doesn't help that I've spoken with several scouts or personnel directors about Kosier and not one person said he was better than average.

I guess I'll take average, compared to the state of the line last year. Still, not exactly the biggest endorsement in the world.

If you're worried about the guard play like I am, then scoot on over to the Cowboys website and read Mickey Spags column on Stephen Peterman. It didn't make me feel any better about our line, but I now know there are racquetball courts at Valley Ranch.

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