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Cliff Harris on BTB two days in a row

Yesterday I posted and article about Cliff Harris and how Dr. Z is going to push for him to get in the Hall of Fame. Today, the DMN has an interview with Cliff Harris.
I especially liked this piece where they ask Harris to relay an interesting story from his playing days.

Interesting story: "Lee Roy Jordan would always ride on the first seat of the bus next to Landry, where they would talk defense and strategy. It was right before we got to the stadium and everyone was really pensive and solemn, and Landry leaned over to Lee Roy and said: 'Why did you go right instead of left on that QB sneak?' Lee Roy looks over and asks: 'Do you mean the Ice Bowl against Green Bay, Coach? That was five years ago, I don't know. Landry just goes, 'Oh.' "

Five years later and Landry is asking about the Packers QB sneak to win the game in the Ice Bowl. That game must have stuck in his craw for the rest of his life.

Jeremy Green held an ESPN Chat yesterday and got a question from a fan in the DC area.

Tyrone (DC): JG - why are you so high on the Cowboys? We all know the O-line is suspect, immobile QB and average secondary. Sure, TO helps, but its not like McNabb is throwing to him. Its Bledsoe. Thoughts?

Jeremy Green: I am a little higer on the O-line than most people. They get Adams back and either Pettiti or Fabini to swing at both OT spots depending on who is not the starter. Their depth is better. I disagree with the secondary too. I think we can expect far fewer mentals from Henry and Williams now that they are more comfortable in the system. I like this team on defense, and think the offense will be better.

At first I thought "what an idiot question". He got it right about a suspect offensive line, but the "average secondary" comment is absurd. Then I thought about the fact the guy is from DC so he's probably a Redskins fan. He's basing his question on what he saw when Dallas played Washington last year and we all remember what happened in those games. So I'm cutting him a break on that issue.

Good to see that Jeremy Green recognizes we have more depth on our offensive line this year. With Adams back we have a chance at a much better performance from the "big uglies" up front.

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