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The press and Mr. Owens

JFE decides to call a truce on her pesonal war with Terrell Owens. In doing so, she exposes how the press is just dying for some comment from Owens or Parcells that they can use to start a controversy. They desperately need to prove themselves correct all along.

Nobody cares that he had been a no-show for mandatory conditioning workouts.

"Let's address that," T.O. said. "You guys really gave me grief for not being here."
He professed to be shocked and stunned to arrive in LA to find reports blaring on ESPN and
elsewhere that he had been skipping minicamps and had been back to his usual selfish ways.

He said Parcells told him to arrive on May 22. End of story.

Parcells was not answering questions about T.O. on Friday; so who knows if T.O. has actually fulfilled his end of that deal or not.

First, the strawman argument that no one cares that he didn't show up for offseason workouts. From all accounts, it was known by everybody who needed to know that Owens had been excused. Whether you agree with Parcells doing that or not is different from saying "nobody cares" if he shows up or not. I guarantee Parcells would've cared if he hadn't excused him.

Next she whines that no one knows if he has fulfilled that deal because Parcells won't answer questions about it. She's just dying to be able to write that Owens defied Parcells and didn't show up for his agreed upon offseason workouts. She needs something to prove all of her hand-wringing is correct. Parcells won't give it to her.

So in the face of that, she has no place left to go but to call a truce. I'm not saying that Owens will be an angel in his time here. He may very well blow-up his team and his career. The press wants to make sure it happens because it sells papers.

If you want to watch a little video of Owens catching passes yesterday, click here for ESPN's coverage.

Matt Mosley covers the Greg Ellis situation, Henson and Romo, and Kevin Burnett's health in this article.

The DMN reports that Bobby Carpenter was able to get permission to attend the mini-camp (sub. required).

Carpenter makes the grade: Under league rules, first-round draft pick Bobby Carpenter is not supposed to be at the minicamp because Ohio State has not graduated, but the Cowboys received a letter from the school saying Carpenter had finished all of his tests and would graduate.

Had Carpenter not finished his schoolwork, he would not have been allowed to return to Valley Ranch until June 15.

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