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How was your first day of school, Terrell?

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So much to talk about and so little time. Where to start? Hmmm, maybe with a certain receiver who goes by the initials T.O.? Well, you won't start there if your Bill Parcells, who flatly rejected any questions about the newest receiver. This is Bill at his finest, saying nothing to the press so they have zero fuel to start a controversy. This is Bill saying I control the Owens Affair, not you, the press. I think he even has Terrell in on it. Owens couldn't have been more cordial or easy-going with the press, but also gave them nothing. I think I saw Randy Galloway's head explode.

But forget all that nonsense, let's talk about what really matters - how did he look at practice? Thankfully, the guys over at the Associated Press give us the skinny.

Wearing the star logo he once trashed, his fast-selling No. 81 jersey and blue tights that made him easily identifiable, Owens caught every pass thrown his way except one in a nearly two-hour practice -- his first full-squad workout since being banished by the Philadelphia Eagles almost exactly seven months before.

Owens repeatedly beat cornerback Anthony Henry, who ironically was signed last offseason to cover bigger receivers like Owens. Owens even snagged one pass after slipping during his route.

The only ball he didn't catch came on one of the final plays. Cornerback Terence Newman intercepted it and ran to the end zone amid shouts of joy from safety Keith Davis.

Sweet, that's what I want to here. We Dallas fans know that Anthony Henry is no slouch, so Owens came in without missing a beat. Sure, it's only the first day and they weren't in pads, but it's a great sign.

I'm sure the rest of the Cowboys players are happy with what he brings to the team - except maybe TE Brett Pierce.

On Friday, the only people Owens' presence bothered were Henry on the field and tight end Brett Pierce in the locker room. Pierce, you see, has the misfortune of having the stall next to Owens'.

"I can't get to my locker any more," Pierce said. "Take the good with the bad, I guess."

At this point Pierce, just be happy you still have a locker.

So how did Owens get along with the rest of the Boys in the locker room? Mickey Spags gives you lots of quotes in his article. But let's concentrate on one player who seems to be emerging as a leader in the clubhouse.

"He's personable, he's been cool with us," Cowboys linebacker Bradie James offered.

James said he made a point of going up to Owens as soon as he got here for his off-season workouts to "break the ice," because as he explained that in order for the team to jell, "we got to talk." So James figures he's had about four in-depth conversations with Owens, saying he even asked him what he's looking for.

"He talks, he's cool," James said, pointing out he's been anything but what many media members seemed to be expecting on Friday.

Nice to see James stepping up and taking the lead.

The other big subject yesterday, at least in the Parcells press conference, was the status of Greg Ellis. Nick Eatman spoke to it in his article.

It sounded as if Ellis and Parcells had a contentious discussion about the future, something Parcells was quite candid about in the presser. I'm not sure this issue is totally resolved in Ellis' mind, he's just waiting to see how many plays Parcells can get him on the field for. One things for sure, he won't be starting.

Ellis has not been a regular during the off-season conditioning program, but was in uniform Friday as the Cowboys began a three-day mini-camp at Valley Ranch. But once again, second-year end Chris Canty was working with the first team at right defensive end, with Marcus Spears on the left side.

Back to Owens for a moment, these were some of his quotes from yesterday.

When asked about not being here for some offseason workouts:

"Yeah let's address that," Owens said with a big smile. "You guys really gave me grief about not being here, but it was a situation where I had come in and we talked - my first meeting really with (Parcells). And he told me to be back here March 22. I think shortly after that meeting I was in L.A. and I heard that I was skipping mini-camps and back to my old stuff again. We had sat down and he told me when to be here and what was expected of me, and that's when I was back."

About learning from the past:

"I think just learning from some of the mishaps that happened last year; I plan on trying to be a better person in life and better teammate. Obliviously one of my goals here is to come in and help this team win and I am very excited about the opportunity to play for the Cowboys - which is the greatest organization in the NFL if I have to say something about it - and for one of the greatest coaches. I am looking forward to getting through training camp and preseason and ready to strap it up against Jacksonville."

And finally, my favorite quote from yesterday by Owens:

"Anyone can be humbled..."

You bet.

One more piece from yesterday, concerning Montavious Stanley from the Mick:

Parcells certainly made an impression on sixth-round pick Montavious Stanley, who came in a tad heavy for the rookie mini-camp. Stanley said he was 325 a month ago, and that he's now 316, on his way to 313 or 310.

Click below for some more pics of Terrell Owens in a Cowboys uniform.

TNT in their first practice together

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