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Parcells using the Cone of Silence

I told you guys Bill Parcells is using the ever dreaded "Cone of Slience" when dealing with Terrell Owens. Even Jerry Jones has been "coned".

Jerry on T.O.: Jerry Jones said he isn't going to have much to say about Owens until training camp.

"I'm going to let T.O.'s actions speak for themselves on the field," Jones said. "He has the ability to compromise the defense and he should."

Todd Haley gets a nice write up from JFE, who's climbed off the T.O.-bashing ledge long enough to pen an interesting article.

Parcells finally has somebody in Dallas not afraid to tell him he is being a stubborn rhino's rump when he insists that the best way to play offense is uber-conservatively.

"I've been fighting this guy for 10 years," Haley said. "None of that is going to change."
He promises to keep fighting the good fight started by Drew Bledsoe and former passing game coordinator Sean Payton before he took his pleas of "please let us pass" to New Orleans.

Payton had Parcells' ear, but they also had philosophical differences. Payton had a reputation in Valley Ranch circles for being a cutesy, West Coast guy as well as a little bit of a Parcells butt-kisser. Haley has a rep for being ornery.
Even his wife thinks so.

Payton was a butt-kisser! Tell us how you really feel, Jen.

Nice to see Flozell Adams getting some love from the Cowboy Nation, you can't overstate how important he is to making our offense go this year. We learned that lesson the hard way last year.

Roy Williams is trying to tag Terrell Owens with the name "Spandex Man". I have to say no dice on that plan. Spandex Man just doesn't have a good ring to it. I know some of you prefer the name "Cancer" - ahem, Deke - but I prefer Eldorado, or more formally: The Eldorado Kid. Alas, you just can't replace T.O., it has become symbolic of the player. But when Terrell and Terry Glenn are slicing up secondaries this season, we can just call them TNT.

By the way, ranks Eldorado as the #6 most exciting athlete today.

Even if you don't like him, it's hard to keep your eyes off the Cowboys' new wide receiver. Owens' rare combination of speed, size and hands makes him the most dangerous offensive threat in the NFL. No receiver can turn a routine short pass into a long gain more consistently than T.O. And once he gets to the end zone, who knows what he'll do?

Terry commented on the pictures of Kyle Kosier that have shown up over the weekend. I have to agree the guy looks pretty rugged. What cracked me up though was the contrast between that picture and the one the press was using when we signed him.


Nice guy, maybe a little goofy; looks kind of soft.

Not so nice guy; possibly contemplating killing someone.

Oh yeah, here's a Todd Archer article on Kosier (sub. required).

Key paragraph:

Because Allen did not move as well as he did earlier in his career, the Cowboys were limited in what they could do. Kosier's strength is his ability to get out in space. When the Cowboys needed a yard, they would go behind Allen more often than not, but were limited in what play they could call.

"It's critical for us in the run game to be able to do everything right- and left-handed here," Sparano said.

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