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10 things I learned from mini-camp

1.    In "Parcells World", everyone is fat. Flozell Adams; overweight and rusty, Marcus Coleman; overweight. Skyler Green; not fat anymore but has no stamina. Montavious Stanley, fat. Even Justin Beriault can lose a few pounds in "Parcells World". This just in; Parcells thinks Nicole Richie could lose a few pounds.

2.    Parcells has unleashed a vast conspiracy to keep the lid on the Owens Affair; he's not talking. T.O. talked but didn't say much, Jerry Jones is vowing to be quiet - ha, we'll see how long that lasts. To Parcells, the less said the better. Or maybe this is just an effort to boost the sales of T.O.'s book.

3.    The Greg Ellis Situation may be settled in the Tuna's mind, but so far Ellis has shown no indication that it's settled in his. Ellis, long one of the most accessible Cowboys' players, has shunned the press over the duration of the mini-camp until he spoke today. Pertinent quote: "This is not about ego," Ellis said. "I want to play. I always and always will put the team above myself. I told Bill not to start me. I want them to know that all I'm talking about is commitment. Not a new contract. Not an extension. And if it works out, everyone wins. If it doesn't, the only one who loses is me. I'm the guinea pig. When they do research of guinea pigs, if it doesn't work out, they die."

4.    Terrell Owens is going to help this offense, immensely. The reports that he routinely beat Anthony Henry in the mini-camp confirm what most already knew - the guy is simply one of the biggest threats in the game today. Opposing defenses can't ignore him. Terry Glenn in single coverage is a beautiful thing for Cowboys' fans.

5.    Kyle Kosier is going to have the most closely scrutinized season of his career. Following the greatest guard in Cowboys history and maybe in the league means you're under the microscope.

6.    Rob Petitti is getting raves about his transformation physically from last season. So far, he has the inside track on the RT tackle job, ahead of free agent veteran Jason Fabini (and Marc Colombo). Petitti has turned fat into muscle and hopes to claim the RT spot for his very own.

7.    Bradie James is emerging as a leader in clubhouse leader. He's engaged Terrell Owens in in-depth conversations, trying to get a feel for how he operates and helped out Akin Ayodele in film study of the 3-4 defense. Plus, he looked dang good as a linebacker last year.

8.    The free safety position is open to all-comers. Keith Davis is still the incumbent starter but Willie Pile, Pat Watkins and Marcus Coleman all figure into the mix. Parcells is experimenting with Coleman at CB to see how much flexibility they can get in the secondary. Jacques Reeves is also working two positions, giving Dallas plenty of option. Justin Beriault is working the backup SS.

9.    Drew Henson's video from his European Vacation failed to impress the Tuna. Either that or Parcells is trying to give Henson a little motivation going into training camp. Nah, the Tuna just doesn't like Henson's skill set.

10.    This team is loaded with talent and should be able to make a push deep into the season, provided the offensive line holds up. And I'm not even going to qualify that with an "if Terrell Owens doesn't screw it up" reference. Oops, I guess I kind of just did.

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