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Pat Watkins looking good

The filed some notes on mini-camp after Sunday's practices. (sub. required)

This first one is for BTB regular Terry.

One player who appears to be starting to apply his new knowledge to his physical tools is rookie FS Pat Watkins. Blessed with very good speed and extraordinary height, Watkins repeatedly stayed with receivers step-for-step before reaching out his long arms to knock passes away.

Demetrius Summers showed up late the first day, and then we get this report. This guy's tenure in Dallas could be extremely short.

Julius Jones, Marion Barber, Keylon Kincade, Tyson Thompson and Lousaka Polite all raced through the first route and made their catch. The last to go was Summers, who cruised through the route as if stuck in second gear. He didn't sprint, he didn't jump for the pass and half-heartedly extended one hand as the ball sailed over his head. Lynn interrupted the drill, telling the rookie "Come back and do it again - you're not running today." Summers retreated to his starting spot and ran a little harder the second time .... and dropped a pass that hit him in the hands. Lynn looked anything but impressed.

The competition for the kickoff responsibilities went like this:

Free agent K Ryan Rossner - in town on a tryout basis, hoping to earn a spot as the team's kickoff specialist - showed vast improvement Sunday, at least in terms of the height and distance of his kickoffs. He repeated Saturday's struggles by corkscrewing several off the side of the field, but after a brief consultation with K Mike Vanderjagt, started booming kickoffs deep into the end zone. He was anything but consistent - the sidewinding misfires didn't go away entirely - but when he got a hold of one, he was crushing the ball. P Mat McBriar, fielding the kicks in the end zone along with LS Louis-Philippe Ladouceur, stood on the back line of the end zone, and one Rossner moonshot flew by McBriar by a good 10-12 yards.

Speaking of Mike Vanderjagt, he gets his own article here.

The Cone of Silence, Part II

People thought I was crazy with my talk of a conspiracy that Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones refuse to discuss Terrell Owens. Now I've been vindicated! From the DFW S-T:

Terrell Owens offered up a theory about why Bill Parcells isn't fielding any questions about Owens until training camp.
"I'm pretty sure he's probably sick of hearing T.O.," the wide receiver said.

Another reason why there has been so little talk about Owens from Parcells or Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones:

The two have a little bet on who can say the least about the receiver.

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