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Gil Brandt on the Cowboys

Over at, Gil Brandt has an article covering the three-day Cowboys mini-camp. He sat down for a conversation with Coach Parcells and delivered these nuggets:

While we were chatting, several players stopped by. Quarterback Drew Bledsoe came by and had a little fun with the coach. He sarcastically said, "I'm glad we got that indoors facility so we could work indoors on a day like this." Parcells didn't pay any attention to the comment, and the team practiced outside in 100-degree weather.


Terrell Owens also came by, prompting Parcells to ask me if I knew of any other player who wears tights at practice. T.O has a great work ethic in practice and runs after the catch really well, and the coach asked where he got that from. Owens told Parcells he learned it from the great Jerry Rice while in San Francisco.

I also visited with Terence Newman and we talked about his golf game and I congratulated him on his season. He is really coming along and did not allow a touchdown pass last year. Parcells thinks if Newman stays healthy, he has a chance to be a Pro Bowl corner this year.

Brandt also has a list of the best offensive players in the NFL less than 25 years of age. Our own Jason Witten checks in as the best TE. Also tucked at the bottom of the article was this:

Jacksonville (8 wins, 3 losses) and Dallas (31-14-1) have the best opening game records in NFL history (minimum 10 games). They will play each other to start their 2006 regular season campaign.

If you go to the home page they have a video covering the Cowboy's mini-camp, but it's really just about Terrell Owens.

Over at ESPN comes this item from a PFW Insider's column:

If you are looking for a super-sleeper candidate on the Cowboys, consider second-year WR Jamaica Rector. The extremely confident wideout shone during the team's first mini-camp, catching nearly everything in sight and earning the distinction of being the team's strongest player "pound for pound," according to Bill Parcells. The No. 4 WR job is up for grabs.

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