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Over at they have a video segment posted fromm the NFL Network where Solomon Wilcots does a break-down on Terrell Owens as a reciever. It's pretty standard stuff focusing on Owens ability to make things happen after the catch. He shows a play where Owens takes a short 5-yard catch, puts a move on Champ Bailey, and takes it to the house for and 85-yard TD. It was fun to watch as he showed several plays like this, but it also brought to mind something that should be good news for Drew Bledsoe.

With Keyshawn, basically wherever he caught the ball is where he was tackled, the guy just doesn't have open-field moves. Terry Glenn can take it to the house, but that's generally after he beats his man and catches the ball 30-yards downfield. In order to get a big play out of the passing game, Bledsoe had to hold the ball until his receivers got downfield and got open.

With Owens, you get the speed to out-run defenders, the quickness to make a move after the catch and the strength to run through arm tackles.  So Drew Beldsoe can release the ball quicker, hit Owens 7-yards downfield, and watch him make a big play. By doing this, he holds the ball for a shorter period of time, saving himself from being sacked.

Terrell Owens can help this offense in so many ways. If you want to watch the segment, go over to and look on the right-hand side where they have "NFL Network Video Features".

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