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Drew Henson articles; take your pick

Take your pick of Drew Henson stories that circulated on Tuesday. Here's Adam Schefter from via

Those who continue to wait for Dallas quarterback Drew Henson to blossom could be waiting a long time. Though Henson received the playing time he needed this spring in the NFL Europe League with the Rhein Fire, Cowboys coach Bill Parcells did not come away impressed with the skills his quarterback demonstrated. With cuts about three months away, it's not too early to put Henson on the bubble. --

Or, there's this article from ESPN Insider (sub. required):

QB Drew Henson, Rhein Fire (allocated by Dallas Cowboys)
Henson is a household name we have all heard about and at first glance he is a higher profile guy than we are used to seeing in NFLE. However, Henson is a player who still needs game experience and live snaps. Henson's biggest problem in his young NFL career has been his inability to read defenses, process information, and make quick decisions ... and that's what you do in these game situations. He has all the physical skills that you are looking for and he is coming off a season for Rhein in which he completed 109 of 209 passes for 1,321 yards and 10 touchdowns, but most importantly, he threw only three interceptions. The latter statistic leads you to believe that his decision making has improved.

So, where does Henson fit in the Cowboys' plans? He will compete again with Tony Romo to be backup quarterback behind aging starter Drew Bledsoe. However, with Bledsoe near the end of his career, the Cowboys must decide whether Romo or Henson is their quarterback of the future and Henson's positive performance in NFLE should raise his confidence level entering training camp.

Wait, there's one more as JJT offers up his opinion:
Parcells, a bottom-line kind of guy, didn't talk about the numerous dropped passes Henson had in NFL Europe. And he didn't mention how injuries essentially robbed the former Michigan star of his top four weapons - none passed their year-end physicals, according to Henson.


It's not that he throws a lot of interceptions. It's that he stares down receivers and doesn't process information quickly enough to consistently make the best read based on the play selection and the defensive coverage.

JJT says as long as Parcells is here, Henson doesn't stand much of a chance. Probably so, but I doubt there's any chance they let him go. Basically he's the 3rd stringer and they can easily stash Jeff Mroz on the practice squad. I think Jerry Jones will buy Henson some more time, at least until next season when the Cowboys can evaluate the future based on Parcells, Bledsoe and whatever happens this year.

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