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Cowboys news blurbs

Pat Kirwan has this to say about teams signing their own players to new contracts or extensions.

The feeling I get these days is that if a team wants to put a deal together that pays a player money close to franchise (the average of the five highest paid players at his position) or transition (average of the top 10 at his position) amounts, there's a good chance the elite players might be interested. If the deal is below that, it could be slow going for the clubs.

Players like Roy Williams, Jason Witten and Steve Smith are in very good positions to get offers that make sense to them, but the teams might become hesitant to work at those numbers. As one contract negotiator said, "In the end, it may be a lot easier to sign your second-tier players this spring than it will be to get the elite guys done."

Dr. Z. brings up an interesting theory about Drew Bledsoe, but like him I can't motivate myself to do the research. Perhaps some BTB reader will confirm or debunk this theory.

Alexandre of Verdun, Quebec, wonders what people exactly have against Drew Bledsoe. At one time his courage was questioned. He answered that one when he led the Patriots on a famous TD drive with a broken thumb. Then he's been accused of falling apart, under a rush. I don't think so. He just isn't as mobile as he used to be. Final major criticism: his game deteriorates during the course of a season. That's probably more legitimate than the others. I'd have to do a game-by-game breakdown to answer that one accurately and right now it's pretty close to dinner time.

It sure seemed like it was true last year, but that had a lot to do with the o-line.

In honor of the Mavs getting it on in the NBA Finals, here's an article about the Mavs being the toast of the town, and not the `Boys. Perhaps some of you locals in Big D want to chime in on this.

A Philly sportswriter gets excited because T.O. used the word "humbled" correctly.

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