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Cowboys article roundup

Todd Archer has an article about 10 encouraging things he saw at mini-camp.

I prefer my 10 things I learned from mini-camp article, but you should read Archer's, too. He has a couple of items on some backup WR's.

Maybe Jamaica Rector can make it
Parcells called him, pound for pound, the strongest player on the team. It's a dramatic change from a year ago when Rector was a spindly rookie. Now this isn't to say Rector will be among the five receivers on the 53-man roster, but after one catch during camp Parcells barked, "That's it Jamaica. You keep wearing their (beep) out."
According to several players last year, Rector made a ton of plays in practice, but he must become a threat in the return game for Parcells to keep him. It's a tough task, but he might earn his way on another roster if he keeps it up.

He has a chance, but ... J.R. Tolver
The Cowboys had him on the practice squad over the second half of last season, and he never really got it together. He has size but not a lot of speed, however he had the catch of minicamp, one-handing a Henson pass on the sideline over Henry, who was in terrific position. The catch was so good that the players oohed and aahed. When that happens, you know it was a big deal. The numbers at the position are tough, but Tolver could make things interesting.

Nick Eatman breaks down Marcus Coleman, who is working at corner but is in the mix for FS also. Coleman discusses his versatility and his sub-standard play from last year. Coleman also discusses playing for his favorite coach again.

But Coleman said the best aspect of playing for the Cowboys is reuniting with Parcells, who is just the same as he remembers.

"Same guy," Coleman said. "Same guy. (Glenn) told me he's softened up a little bit. But I haven't seen that yet. I'm waiting to see that. He's still fiery, in the meetings and in the weight room. He still jokes around a little bit, but gets on people's tail a little bit. He's always done that."

And that kind of playful, sometimes not-so playful, ribbing for Coleman can be a source of motivation.

"He definitely is my favorite coach," Coleman said. "To be honest with you, I like his style. He's straight-up. He's a very good teacher. Also, he challenges us. Of course you're playing for yourself and you're playing for your teammates but it's almost like you're playing to prove him wrong. You want to do something just so he'll get off your back. He knows how to push the right buttons.

"But I had fun in New York and playing under him ,and hopefully it will be the same here in Dallas."

The Sporting News rated every NFL teams offseason.

Cowboys: Dallas got rid of one mercurial wide receiver (Keyshawn Johnson) and gained a surreal one (Terrell Owens). The kicking game climbed two notches with the signing of Mike Vanderjagt, and the departure of guard Larry Allen is balanced by getting tackle Jason Fabini. Grade: B-

That's a little low for me, I would say A-, with the minus being Vandy can't kickoff and the o-line acquisitions are still somewhat iffy.

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