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Cowboy backup QB position - no experience needed

Mickey Spags asks the scariest question in Cowboyland: "What happens if Drew Bledsoe goes down?" The backup QB scenario is one big question mark. Right now, it's Tony Romo. Then it's Drew Henson. Mickey sums up all you need to know about the pair.

Romo, entering his fourth NFL season, has appeared in one NFL regular-season game; has taken all of two snaps; has yet to produce an NFL QB rating since his career is filled with more zeroes than it would take to script out one billion.

Henson, entering his third NFL season after taking three seasons off to play professional baseball, has appeared in all of two NFL games, both in 2004. His career line reads: 10 of 18 for 78 yards (55.6 percent), one touchdown, one interception, a long of 16, two sacks and a 61.8 QB rating.

Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Mick talks about how some - yes, the mysterious some - believe that Romo could be a good QB in this league. Maybe so, but he hasn't played in any games, so even if he does show the skills in practice, he still has no experience. And I don't care how skilled you are, any QB in the NFL who is playing in his first games is going to struggle. So yeah, maybe Romo will be good one day, but I doubt it will be from Day 1 if Bledsoe goes down with injury.

Drew Henson has pretty much the same problem, only exacerbated by the three years he spent in baseball, robbing him of crucial game experience. We all know that Parcells isn't fond of Henson anyway.

So just a question, would you feel better if we signed an experienced veteran QB? Would you dump Henson for someone like Kerry Collins? I'm just asking.

From the DMN Blog, Todd Archer says the paint job on the stadium roof looks good.

The old stadium is getting a paint job for the roof. Finally. Looks good, too, although it seems a bit odd to spruce up the place when it'll be vacant in a couple of years.

Texas Stadium is the one place I've been to that looks good on television but is dumpy in person.

Have to disagree there, Todd. The place looks like a dump on TV, too. Still, I'm gonna miss her when she's gone.

Another "Mavs are hotter than the Boys" article.

Philly writers can't get enough of T.O.

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