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Mickey Spags back from vacation

Mickey Spags talks about Tony Sparano and moving vans. Yeah, I know, what the heck is up with that? But it's the angle Mickey chose for his article.

Mickey also took the time to answer his mail. Considering the discussion we had over the past few days about Jerry Jones as an owner, and what will happen when Bill Parcells calls it a career, this question for Mick seems apropos.

Q: Enjoyed Josh Ellis' article on Chris Palmer. My question is: If this ends up being Bill's last season with Dallas, would Palmer be a viable candidate to take over? Is that Bill's thinking possibly?

Mickey: Me thinks you are thinking too hard. First of all, we've already started the "Bill's last season" stuff I see. Secondly, I think Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will always hire a high-profile, proven head coach from this time forward. There will be no more nice assistants hired as the Cowboys' head coach. That's my prediction.

Matt Mosley held an online chat yesterday, and here are some areas that Mosley and I are in agreement.

*    Mosley predicts a 10-6 record for Dallas, I predicted the same.
*    Mosley thinks Henson did pretty well in NFLE, especially considering the problems they had with his supporting cast, I've written much the same.
*    Mosley thinks it's an awful lot to ask 9-year vet Greg Ellis to learn a new position, my sentiments exactly.
*    Mosley thinks Marcus Coleman will start at FS, I also agree. Then again, I'm predicting that Jason Fabini will start at RT and that is looking shaky at the moment.

What do you guys think about these observations?

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