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The LSU Cowboys

Sure, we've drafted a guy from LSU four years running. But I'm not sure what the signifigance is, besides the fact that they run a pretty good football program over there. But it's the Dead Zone in the NFL right now, so Nick Eatman needs something to write, and I need something to post, so here it is. We know Bradie James and Marcus Spears will be starters, and Skyler Green will be a punt/kick returner who might see the field as a WR, especially on gadget plays or to run bubble screens and the like. Only Stephen Peterman is an unknown, and he knows it.

While Parcells says he is anxious to check out second-year defensive players such as Spears, DeMarcus Ware and Chris Canty, this is also a big year for Peterman, who has been lost in the shuffle during his first two seasons and knows the pressure is on to perform this year.

"I've got to have a good camp," Peterman said back in June. "It's a big year for me. Things haven't really gone like I wanted them to. So it's time to make something happen."

While Peterman did back up Larry Allen last season at left guard, he was active for only three games, playing only on special teams. And despite the Cowboys waiving Allen for salary-cap reasons in March, they quickly signed veteran Kyle Kosier, who is expected to start at left guard this year.
But Parcells said Peterman will get his shot to compete with Kosier, and even has him learning to snap the ball so he can get in some reps at center this summer. Parcells said last year Peterman was hampered because he only played left guard and wasn't as versatile as some of the other linemen who could play more than one position.

Peterman appears to be in a roster battle with Cory Procter for a back-up guard spot, with Andre Gurode expected to be the other back-up guard. This could be Peterman's last chance.

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