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Cowboys random blurbs

Really, this gets sort of tiresome. Mike Vanderjagt blows the big kick against the Steelers, and now he's Mr. Ocotober.

Did the Cowboys and Bill Parcells (who suffers kickers like a nasty sunburn) finally solidify a position that has cost them dearly in the last two years? Or did they get the Mr. October of the kicking profession? (That's a good thing in baseball; not so good in football.)

The obvious implication is that Vanderjagt isn't clutch, that he only makes the kicks that don't really mean anything. Well, considering his FG accuracy - the best in NFL history - it would stand to reason under this theory that almost every kick he misses must've been the clutch ones given that he misses so few. one really brought him up as a choker until the end of last year when he blew the Steelers kick. This illustrates the dangers of lazy reporting and conventional wisdom that seeps into the sports press on a regular basis.

Dr. Z realizes he might have gone overboard in his promotion of Cliff Harris for the Hall of Fame last week. Not that he doesn't think Harris is worthy, as I'm sure most us do, too. But his entusiasm led him to say something that he now would like to amend.

Last week I called Cliff Harris, "probably the best combination of killer-safety and range-safety who ever played." Scott of San Diego reminds me of a gentleman named Ronnie Lott. Kapow! Right on my asinine I go.... Harris and Lott are the two best ever.

Hey, if you're being mentioned along side Ronnie Lott, it's all good.

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