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Everybody loves our defense

Basically, every article I read concerning the Cowboys has our defense as a Top-10 defense. It's no different with this offering over at AOL Sports. We come in at #2 in the Top-5 defenses for the 2006 NFL season. Hard to argue with Dallas being one of the top defensive teams in the league. The only areas that are "iffy" is the play at FS, and whether NT Jason Ferguson can return to form this year and dominate in the middle. Oh yeah, and as a shout-out to BTB regular Deke, I'll throw in the coverage responsibilites of Roy Williams as an "iffy".

2. Dallas. The Cowboys have had enough time to put the pieces in place for a 3-4 defense the way coach Bill Parcells wants it, with big linebackers. DeMarcus Ware's eight sacks in an excellent rookie season in 2005 would indicate that he is the player the Cowboys thought they were getting.

Free safety Pat Watkins, a fifth-round pick, could eventually prove a steal although it's not likely he'll be a major contributor this season. A key for the Cowboys will be to replace DT Le'Roi Glover, who went to St. Louis in free agency. His production fell off in 2005, so Jason Ferguson should fit in as a full-time starter.

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