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Don Banks on the NFC East

Don Banks over at takes a meandering look at the NFC East. Not sure what the point of Banks' article is, but he does manage to get off a good line about the Cowboys. Banks is discussing the free agent additions of our NFC East brethren but finds them lacking in the attention-getting department when compared to the Cowboys signing Terrell Owens.

And all those moves combined didn't move the needle one-tenth of the amount that the long-anticipated Owens to Dallas relocation did. As splashes go, it was the equivalent of a Nate Newton cannonball into the deep end of the pool.

Was this Nate Newton jumping into the pool before or after a ganja-induced munchie-fest at the local 7-11? Hey, I'm just asking. Besides, your supposed to wait 30 minutes after you eat before you go swimming.

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