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Cowboys article roundup

Matt Mosley answers a couple of questions, here.

Troy Aikman blurbs over at the DMN blog, here.

Charlie Waters gave the DMN five minutes and dropped this interesting nugget on us.

Steroids: There was a lot of ignorance about steroids when I played. There were no drug tests back then, and it wasn't until Lyle Alzado died that more attention was brought to the subject. The thing is, every athlete is always looking for an edge, period. You push it right to the edge and take advantage of everything possible; you hit it as hard as you can. I took steroids as a player. It was prescribed to help build the ligaments in my knee back, and it was controlled by the medical staff. I had a pretty small dosage, but I could still tell the difference in my body. I felt stronger and more aggressive. I just felt different.

Wow, that's news to me. I wonder how many other players were taking steroids in those days?

Rayfield Wright does a long Q&A over at You've got to read the story about having to line up and block Deacon Jones, and Deacon talked about his Momma. Oh no you didn't! Plus he had this to say about Landry asking him to change positions.

"Coach," I said, "you believe I can best help this football team by moving in this position that I never played before in my life, I give it everything I have." The only thing we did after that, after he said, "I believe you can do it, Rayfield," we just shook hands on the deal. I didn't have to call an agent, renegotiate a contract or nothing, you know. So I went into that position not knowing anything about it.

I wonder if Greg Ellis read that.

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