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Cowboys training camp getting closer

JJT is all excited about training camp, and so am I. I'll be heading out to camp for a couple of weeks and will be reporting daily on what I see back to you guys. Hopefully I'll be able to snag some interviews, pictures and other stuff that will bring you closer to the action than what you get in the regular press. By the way, if you're going to camp, let me know and we can together at practices or grab a beer at night.

JJT highlights the reason training camp is so interesting,

You can see rookie defensive end Jason Hatcher do battle against Flozell Adams in pass-rushing drills and decide whether he has any chance to contribute this season. You can watch first-round pick Bobby Carpenter going against tight end Jason Witten and try to figure out whether he'll be able to cover New York's Jeremy Shockey or Washington's Chris Cooley.

Over at the Cowboys website, Nick Eatman continues his series on each position with a look at the running backs. This could actually end up being quite interesting. While I think - as does everybody else - that Julius Jones will be the starter, the question is how Bill Parcells will work Marion Barber into the equation. Will he just be a 3rd down back, or will he get into a rotation with Julius? And what about in short-yardage and goal-line situations? Barber seems to be the stronger back between the tackles, so will he take over and grab the glory of the touchdowns?

Behind those two there is a battle for the third spot, although Tyson Thompson would seem to be the odds-on favorite. But last year Thompson was only used on special teams, mainly for kickoff returns. With Skyler Green on the roster, how important is it for Thompson to remain unless he can show that he should get some turns in the regular rotation?

Battling for their roster lives are Keylon Kincade, Demtrius Summers and last year's fullback, Lousaka Polite. With the 2-TE set the fullback position has basically been eliminated, but Parcells has made some noise about trying Polite as a short-yardage back.

Lots of scenarios to work out during training camp.

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