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Cowboys random blurbs is doing one of its photo gallery lists on the NFC East newcomers who will make the most impact. They've got three Cowboys listed; Terrell Owens,
Mike Vanderjagt and Bobby Carpenter.

Over at the Dallas Observer, they have a list of the 50 most powerful people in Dallas sports. If you think Terrell Owens didn't come in at #1, you should be right, but you aren't, because he did. Above Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones. Don't ask me, I didn't write the list.

Jason Witten is going to take on his wife in a cook-off at a Benihana's restaurant. I'm not making this up; these are the things you find out by reading the DMN blog. Wait, am I making fun of this item being on the DMN blog? But I just put it up on my blog, which means I'm making fun of myself. Please, somebody start training camp already.

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