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Jason Witten is the man

A couple of standard articles out today about the Cowboys. This one talks about the offensive line being the key to the season, and this one is the continuation of the position series at the Cowboys website, focusing on the wide receivers.

But this is more fun, so enjoy this YouTube video of Jason Witten using and abusing various defenses over the past couple of years. If you watch closely, check out the number of times a defense tries to cover Witten with a linebacker. That's never going to work for a defense. This is exactly the kind of mismatch that Parcells hopes to create more of by running the 2-TE set. With two tight ends on the field, a defense must respect the possibility of a run, forcing them to keep linebackers on the field. That should make for easy pcikings for Witten and Anthony Fasano.

(Hat tip to TruBlueCowboy who posted the link over at the CowboysZone)

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