Post Draft Updated Roster Prediction

I love how our team is shaping up this year.  I think that some fans don't realize how much our special teams are going to improve this year as well with the additions of:

Vanderjagt, Green, Watkins, Beriault, Boiman!


(3) QBs-Bledsoe, Henson, Romo

(3) RBs-Jones, Barber, Thompson

(5) WRs-Owens, Glenn, Crayton, Copper, Green

(4) TEs-Witten, Fasano, Hanna, Pierce

(9) OLs-Adams, Kosier, Johnson, Rivera, Petiti
       Fabini, Peterman, Guroude, Columbo

(9) DBs-Newman, Henry, Williams, Davis
       Glenn, Reeves, Beriault, Watkins, Coleman

(9) LBs-Ware, James, Ayodel, Carpenter
       Burnett, Fowler, Shanle, Singleton, Boiman

(8) DLs-Canty, Spears, Ferguson, Ellis
       Ratliff, Johnson, Stanley, Hatcher

(3) SPs-Ladouceur, Vanderjagt, McBriar

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.