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Roster battles ahead for Cowboys players

Todd Archer is looking at roster battles at four positions for the Cowboys.


Jason Witten, Ryan Hannam and Anthony Fasano are locks. The battle for the final spot is between Sean Ryan and Brett Pierce - if Parcells chooses to keep just four tight ends instead of five.

This is going to be interesting, will Parcells keep 4 or 5 TE's. Going with the heavy emphasis on the 2-TE set may has some bearing on this decision, but I still think he will only keep 4 TE's on the 53-man roster. I'm laying my money on Brett Pierce because of his special teams play.


Parcells wants Polite to do a little of everything - tight end, running back, fullback, special teams. Thompson can be a dangerous return man, but the Cowboys drafted Skyler Green in the fourth round to handle those jobs.

I think Parcells keeps four running backs, but his gameday choices could be interesting.

Polite is the wild-card here. If he can successfully fill all the different roles Archer outlines, he may have a shot at staying with Dallas this year. But I'm not sold, and Dallas could go with just three backs on the 53-man roster and keep Demetrius Summers on the practice squad just in case of injury. Right now, I'm leaning toward JJ, MB3 and Tyson Thompson, and Parcells using the extra roster spot for a kickoff specialist. Until Vanderjagt proves he can handle kickoffs, I think you have to account for a kickoff specialist on the roster.


There are too many combinations here, and what Parcells decides to do with Marcus Coleman is probably the key factor. But in the end I would say we keep 5 CB and 4 safeties. But with the versatility of Coleman and Jacques Reeves, anything could happen.


Peterman's career has been rocky because of a severe knee injury he suffered as a rookie. He played in only three games a year ago but is moving much better this year. He has the fighter mentality Parcells likes in a lineman, but he is limited.

Procter was picked up off Detroit's practice squad late last season and dressed for the final two games. He's a fighter too.

If Peterman stays healthy, he has the edge.

The battle between Peterman and Procter should be the only roster battle left on the offensive line, although we still have the battle at RT for the starter's spot. I've lost faith in Peterman and don't know enough about Procter to predict what will happen, but I will keep a watchful eye out on this situation while I'm at training camp.

Take a look at this post I put up yesterday and try to decide who will be the first roster cuts just to get to the 85-man limit for camp. Also, this diary by dboysrback deals with guessing the 53-man roster.

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