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The T.O. book tour

Terrell Owens is doing his book tour thing. He claims he's getting it all out of the way before training camp so it won't be a distraction. Lucky for us, the book is kind of a bore, so it's really not causing any problems anyway.

The DFW-ST has an article with some of Owens' publicity stops.

His tour includes an appearance at the ESPY Awards, taped Wednesday in Los Angeles for a first airing Sunday; a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday; a feature on HBO's Real Sports to be shown Tuesday, as well as a book signing that day in Los Angeles; and book signings in Atlanta on Wednesday and Birmingham, Ala., on July 21.

But what I found interesting in the article is that Owens admits that he's over-sensitive.
Owens doesn't deny that the book makes him look overly sensitive at times. He said that's simply who he is.
"I think for so long, I was vulnerable," Owens. "I'm a sensitive person; I'm an emotional person. I try to go out and be who I am, and I feel like it shows through the book."

Mickey Spags gives his views and plays nice with Terrell, coming close to being an Owens apologist.

Over at ESPN there's an article where Owens denies he used the word "heroic" to describe his return from injury, putting the blame on Jason Rosenhaus. Does this guy accept the responsibility for anything?

Don't forget to check out Tuna Helper's diary about a Sal Paolantonio article dissecting the book and comparing it to what Sal believes or knows to have happened.

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