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Blackistone chats about the Boys

Kevin Blackistone did his own chat today and fielded a few Cowboys questions.

From e-mail: I love the Cowboys, and of course want Bill Parcells to do whatever it takes to get the running game going. But on a fantasy note, if Julius Jones proves himself, do you think it's possible for him to get a significant amount of the touches, including passes? Or is Parcells set on including Marion Barber? I need those catches! Either way, we look set to roll. Marcus Crunk

Kevin B. Blackistone: Right now, this is a two-headed running back team, I think. Nothing has changed fundementally from last year. Jones brings speed and Barber a little toughness. But the offensive line is still a question mark. Jones will only be out there as long as he is productive running the ball first, and last year it looked like teams caught up to whatever made him stand out a little two years ago.

BTB regular Terry isn't going to like that answer. But I get the feeling if JJ doesn't bust out in the first couple of games, we'll see a rotation between him and MB3.
From e-mail: Do you believe that Charlie Weiss, head coach of Notre Dame, would be interested in coaching the Cowboys when Bill Parcell retires? I'm not disgruntled with our current coach. I'm just interested in your take on this issue. Tony Baker in Hobbs, N.M.

Kevin B. Blackistone: Charlie Weiss said he is where he wants to be, especially after he got that new deal for doing what his predecessor did after one season, too. Interesting how that happened. So I'd suspect he'd be a man of his stated intentions and stay at Notre Dame. More money does have a way of creating turncoats, though.

That's right, throw some money at him and anything could happen. By the way, his last name is Weis, not Weiss.

Blackistone, it should be noted, thinks the Cowboys have no chance at the Super Bowl this year. Party pooper.

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