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Tight end a strong position for the Cowboys

Nick Eatman is down with the tight end position in his latest article. Bill Parcells is a big believer in the TE position. He shocked us all by drafting Anthony Fasano in the 2nd round of the draft to pair up with super-stud Jason Witten in an old-school, 2-TE set. Those two, along with TNT on the outside, will form the most potent passing attack Dallas has had since the mid 90's.

Here's Eatman's quick take on all of our TE's.

Jason Witten: Could have an even bigger year with defenses forced to focus on Owens and Glenn.
Anthony Fasano: Expectations are already high. If he can block well, Parcells will certainly find a spot for him.
Ryan Hannam: The opposite here. The Cowboys know he can block, but if he turns into a pass-catcher, it's a bonus.
Brett Pierce: If there is a spot for a fourth tight end, he should be the favorite based on his special teams play.
Sean Ryan: Needs to outplay Pierce in camp. Last year's foot injury set him back and he never got back in the mix.
Tony Curtis: Not a lot of room for error. The Cowboys like his size, though. Another year on the practice squad isn't out of the question.

If you guys don't read Bill Simmons -The Sports Guy - over at ESPN then you're missing out. In his latest mailbag column, the "T.O. saga" makes an appearance.

Q: Enough about Barbaro. To quote Ralphie Cifaretto [The Sopranos] ... "It was a [bleeping] horse!" If he placed at the Derby, he'd be an anonymous Euroburger right now. Instead, he's getting the "President's colon" treatment. Can we move on?

SG: That was this month's "Really evil e-mail that made me laugh out loud." By the way, I think Barbaro has replaced the Bonds home run chase and Clemens' comeback as the ongoing "major" sports story that nobody seems to actually care about. We're on a roll, folks! Next on the docket: T.O. and Bill Parcells may or may not be getting along! For more, let's go to Ed Werder in Dallas!

One common thread in all these stories getting way more play nationally than should rightly be expected: ESPN. And before you say: "Hey, Grizz, you write about Terrell Owens all the time", let me say that it's not true. Sometimes I write about Eldorado, sometimes I write about T.O. and sometimes I write about Terrell Owens.  

But in order to make amends for the above, I won't write about this handy-dandy timeline that lays out all of the misdeeds of a certain wide receiver who used to play in San Francisco and Philadelphia, and now plays in Dallas, but who shall remain nameless!

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