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Kickers are a necessary evil

Todd Archer's article about Mike Vanderjagt contains nothing new, just the same old re-hash. Can he kickoff? How will kicking away from a dome affect him? Our kicking last year cost a couple of wins and a playoff chance. But it did have this paragraph.

There was Jose Cortez getting his facemask slammed down on his nose by Larry Allen after a missed point-after attempt in San Francisco. And there was Billy Cundiff making a club-record 56-yarder one week against Detroit and missing a clutch 34-yarder the following week in a close loss to Denver.

Why is that significant? Because, young grasshopper, it gives me all the reason I need to post this again:

Love it. Too bad Larry won't be around this year to straighten up Vanderjagt if he pulls a Cortez on us!

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