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Vanderjagt Central

I don't know how it happened, but suddenly BTB has turned into Mike Vanderjagt Central. All Vandy, all the time. See what happens when I don't post about Terrell Owens, I just go find another controversial story.

The DFW-ST has a long article about Vandy today, in which he regrets calling out Peyton Manning after the Colts got totally humiliated in the playoffs again (insert your own joke here) by the N.Y. Jets, 41-0. Too late, once you say it and it's out there, people will always assocaite you with those comments. Just ask Terrell Owens. Unless you do something to change their minds. Both you and Owens have an opportunity to do that this year.

I'll give Vanderjagt credit though, after he blew that kick last year against the Steelers, he answered all questions asked by the press. He didn't hide in the trainer's room, or shower and run from the locker room.

This year, the hope is Dallas will give him a shot at redemption; gives him a chance to connect on an important kick in the Super Bowl. Take heart Vandy, if you do that, they'll forget all about what you did before.

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