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Safety Keith Davis shot twice; in stable condition

Wow, I can't believe this. The DMN is reporting that Dallas Cowboys safety Keith Davis was shot twice while driving on the interstate at 5 AM this morning. The injuries are not life-threatening and he is in stable condition.

This is the second time Davis has been shot, in 2003 he was shot in the hip and arm outside a strip club. After that incident he was released by Bill Parcells who made a point of the incident to his team about hanging out in the wrong places.

I'll update with more details when they become available.

Update [2006-7-16 14:57:19 by Grizz]: Reports are that Davis was shot in the head and the thigh. Erroneous reports circulated that he had died, but now it's confirmed he's in the hospital and in stable condition.

Update [2006-7-16 17:3:24 by Grizz]: Here's more from a DMN article:

Lt. Watson said while police are still working on a motive and suspects, they believe one possibility is that the incident was an attempted carjacking because Mr. Davis? car was in excellent condition and had been modified. ?Through the investigation, the victim has not indicated he has any enemies or has been in any altercations at this time,? Lt. Watson said. He said it was unclear to where Mr. Davis was driving. Lt. Watson said police are also looking into the incident three years ago involving the Cowboy.

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