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Terrell Owens takes a few more shots about his book

Terrell Owens just doesn't know when to keep quiet. His book came out, the media wrote plenty of articles about it, then it started to go away. But Owens couldn't leave well enough alone and brought up the fact that he was misquoted - in his own autobigraphy, no less - by writer Jason Rosenhaus. All of this about the use of the the word "heroic" to describe his playing in the Super Bowl after his leg injury. Skip Bayless - who I find almost impossible to read or listen to - wrote his own Owens-bashing epic.

Prediction: With McNabb healthy and in charge again, the Eagles will finish with a better record than T.O.'s Cowboys.

But don't tell that to poor Cowboys fans right now. They're so desperate, they're a little delusional, too. The Associated Press quoted a high school football player from the Dallas area who was reading the "book" as he waited in line for Owens to autograph it.

The kid said he had just finished a book on Roger Staubach and that, "I'll read anything that has to do with football leadership."

Please tell me the kid was misquoted.

Funny ending, but I wouldn't count on the Eagles out-playing the Boys this year. I think the window has closed on that team and it will take a few years before they get back to contention. has its own take on the misquote.

... maybe Owens will find a home on the Cowboys. Gary Sheffield, after all, seems to be a happy Yankee, despite having had problems in Milwaukee and San Diego and Florida and Los Angeles and Atlanta. Or maybe Owens' "heroism" will do the same thing to Dallas that it did to San Francisco and Philadelphia. If that happens, there could be another book in it.

Then again, this may have all been a carefully orchestrated move by Owens to generate some more publicity for his book to goose up the sales. I tell you, the man is an evil genius.

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