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Keith Davis and T.O. keep things interesting

As someone who writes multiple times a day about the Dallas Cowboys, the days between mini-camp and training camp are the worst of times. There's usually nothing going on of any signifigance, so I'm reduced to writing things like: Julius Jones should have a great year if he stays injury-free. But not this year, the Football Gods have bestowed upon the Cowboys faithful the twin sagas of Terrell Owens and Keith Davis.

So let's dive right in shall we?

First, over to our man Eldorado, who is currently criss-crossing the nation promoting his new book. Programming alert: Terrell is going to be on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel tonight at 10 PM (EST) on HBO. ESPN has a small preview of what he said.

In an interview with Bryant Gumbel airing Tuesday night on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," Owens acknowledges dishing out more criticism than he's willing to take.

"The only thing I can really think of is maybe it was the way I grew up, you know," he said, according to a transcript released Monday to The Associated Press. "I got picked on so much, and it's like I feel like I'm still constantly being picked on."

I've said it all along; Eldorado's attitude is a result of his childhood upbringing. Something went wrong along the way that stunted his maturity until the point he acts like a man-child. Maybe he needs one of those psycho-workshops where they break you down, you end up crying like Dick Vermeil and calling out for your "momma". Then, after your done being curled up in the fetal position in the corner sucking your thumb, they slowly build you back up and give you the skills to deal with life like a man. Uh...maybe I'm sharing too much here.

Anyway, why does Eldorado think he's being picked on? (What is this, 3rd grade?)

"That's the million-dollar question," he said. "Why me? ... At some point it does get to me. And I can't say it enough. Dude, I'm human and that's what I'm trying to get people to understand."

OK, you're human. I'll start being nice to Eldorado from here on out.

Over to Keith "50-cent" Daivs. According to an anonymous source at Valley Ranch, all's well that ends well.

The Cowboys had no official comment, but a source said team officials are quietly expressing similar optimism about Davis' availability. Davis' quest for a fast return to the field is one reason he is leaning against having surgery to remove the bullet lodged in his right thigh, another source said. The bullet poses no threat to his ability to walk or run.

The team is also inclined to believe Davis' version of what happened, that he was the innocent victim in a shooting for the second time in three years, the source said.

We'll see what the Tuna says at camp, but the likelihood of him being disciplined or cut is zero. Unless something comes out that contradicts the story we've already heard.

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