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Cowboys random blurbs

I just wanted to take a quick survey: How hot is it where you live? I know it's Africa hot here in Atlanta where there's no breeze blowing. How long is this heat wave going to last?

Check it out, Nate Newton is going to speak at the South Dakota High School All-Star festivities. I could make a joke about Newton speaking to "high" schoolers, but I'll resist. After all, Nate has found God and turned his life around, so good for him.

FOX Sports has some more fantasy footabll analysis, and has this to say about DeMarcus Ware, who they think will come in 15th for most sacks in the NFL.

15. DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys
Ware utilized his knowledge and experience as a defensive end to tally eight sacks as a rookie last season. I expect more of the same this season as he continues his development in Bill Parcells' defense. In particular, the offensive upgrade at wide receiver with the addition of Terrell Owens projects to bigger point totals for the Cowboys. That, in turn, frees up the defensive play-calling and allows Ware more chances to roam, a la LaVar Arrington in his early days in Washington. The sky is the limit for this second-year star.
2005 Stats: Tied for 24th in the NFL with 8 sacks
2006 Projection: 9.5 sacks

Come on FOX, at least give him double-digit sacks. They also have Mike Vanderjagt as #6 in PAT's and #8 in FG's.

Speaking of fantasy football, BTB regular Richard Joke is trying to drum up interest in a BTB fantasy football league. So far, we have four people interested, but we need at least 8 to put together a league. Go over to the Diaries and sign up.

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