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Cowboys start work on signing draft picks

Now that the Keith Davis shooting is not dominating the headlines, the Cowboys are turning to other business, like signing their draft picks.

The team sent out contract offers to a few of its draft picks Tuesday night and should have offers to all eight in the next day or so.
Once they get all their picks signed, the Cowboys must release two players to reach the mandatory roster limit of 85 for training camp.

I had us at 4 players over the limit, but apparently there are some exemptions that mean we only have to cut 2 players before camp. While the Cowboys are in the mood of signing guys, they're trying to get a deal done with Jason Witten.
Vice president Stephen Jones also acknowledged that the team is working behind the scenes on contract extensions for a few key veterans. He declined to identify the players because he didn't want it to be a distraction in camp.

But according to a source, a new deal with Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten, whose contract expires at the end of the season, could be completed in camp if not before.

Besides Witten, they will also try to get something done with Roy Williams. It looks like they will wait until after the season to deal with Bradie James.

Nick Eatman has the goods on our new offensive line over at the Cowboys website.

The battle at RT between Rob Petitti, Jason Fabini and Marc Colombo will be something I'll watch closely while I'm out at camp.

Over at the RanchReport, Mike Fisher has some questions he'd like to ask about the Keith Davis shooting. Many of them are questions we've brought up on this board, because it's difficult for some of us to believe that this was a totally random drive-by shooting. Just because some of us have questions doesn't mean we are blaming Keith Davis for anything, but I, like Fisher, think there might be more to the story.

As I've said before, the thing that bothers me the most is the idea that this was a carjacking. Fisher asks the same questions I did in an earlier post.

7) Oh, yeah. ... do carjackers generally strike vehicles traveling at 65 MPH on an open interstate? Do they generally fill the car body full of holes? And if they shoot the driver in the head, do they enjoy jacking a car that just crashed into a wall because the fellow in the driver's seat is dead?

8) And more on the nature of carjacking: Davis says he pulled over after being shot. If so, why didn't the carjackers pull over as well, and claim their prize? If it's a carjacking, why didn't they jack? Why did they keep driving?

9) And one more: There has got to be an easier way to steal a car than to attempt murder on the driver of a moving vehicle. Right?

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