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The Jason Hatcher story

The DFW-ST has a long and very interesting article about Cowboys draft pick Jason Hatcher. Even though when he was picked I thought it was a reach and was very disappointed in the pick, after reading this story I am rooting for him big time. Not just because I want him to help the Cowboys defense - obviously I want that. But there's something compelling about his story; his father leaving the family and his mother dying, having a kid when he was still in high school, being so poor he had to bum money to eat at football outings. Through all that, he kept his faith that he would succeed, he married his baby's mother and is trying to bring some stability to his family.

Hatcher's mother, Jane, was Jason's world. Despite having little money and sometimes caring for as many as 10 kids in a small house, life worked. She could not say no, a trait Jason acquired but admits he needs to lose. She often took in strangers to cook them dinner.

But Jane Hatcher was big -- too big to get around on her own feet. She couldn't go to her son's games. She was in and out of the hospital, sometimes for months at a time. Nothing helped.

Jason remembers when she tried to give him some money. "Go out and have a good time," she said. "I'm not going to be around too much longer."
One week later, Jane Hatcher died.

The day she died, Jason sat outside his house when Natasha [now his wife] walked up with a sympathy card. The two had known each other since they were little and even "went together" in junior high school.

"She was the only one from my high school to come over," Jason said. "I never forgot that. She just stayed with me all day. I could hear my mom tell me, 'That's a good girl.' Since then, I always wanted to be with her."

Every time we talk about the Cowboys in 2006, the fact is brought up that it all hinges on the offensive line. Rick Gosselin reminds us that the line better gel in a hurry.

If the offensive line is going to be a concern for the Cowboys, Bill Parcells will find out early. The Cowboys face five of the seven Pro Bowl pass rushers and five of the top-10 pass-rushing defenses in the first 10 games of the season.

The Cowboys travel to Jacksonville in the opener to play the Jaguars, who ranked third in the NFL with 47 sacks last season. The Cowboys also face Tennessee (tied for ninth, 41 sacks) in the third game, the Giants (tied for ninth, 41 sacks) in the sixth game, Carolina (seventh, 45 sacks) in the seventh game and Indianapolis (fifth, 46 sacks) in the 10th game.

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