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New BTB poll

The results of the last poll:

Which team will finish 2nd to the Cowboys in the NFC East?

12% Philadelphia Eagles    
61% New York Giants    
26% Washington Redskins    

Votes: 57

By an overwhelming margin, BTB readers think the New York Giants are the second best team in the NFC East.

Here's the new poll question:

Who will start at free safety for the Cowboys?

Keith Davis is the incumbent, but there was plenty to gripe about with his performance from last season. Marcus Coleman is a Parcells Guy and a veteran, so you can't rule him out. Pat Watkins is the rookie who seems to have the perfect skills to fit in at this position, but he's inexperienced. Justin Beriault is the unknown, but he was one of the rookie surprises last year until his injury. Finally, Willie Pile was the back-up last year who saw time on the field, especially in passing situations.

Who do you got for the starting free safety this year?

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