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Defensive line turns to youth

Nick Eatman has got the defensive line covered in this article. You know, one guy we never discuss who played often last year was Kenyon Coleman. He's kind of gotten lost in the shuffle. Canty, Spears, Ferguson, Ellis, and I would guess Hatcher and Stanley also make the team. Who you got making it after that? Here's Eatman:

Thomas Johnson: Has to show he is capable of coming on in relief of Ferguson.
Kenyon Coleman: Has to be much better than any of the younger ends to stay on the roster.
Jay Ratliff: Looked like a keeper before 2005 injury; must return to that form.
Vontrell Jamison: Has the right body at 6-7, 285-pounds, but has an uphill road for anymore than a practice squad spot.
Stephen Bowen: Undersized, needs to show his stuff early to stick around past the first cut.
Samuel Taulealea: Might take some of the wear-and-tear off other NTs, but has to really be special to stick around.

The Cowboys offered all their picks 4-year deals except Bobby Carpenter who got a 5-year offer.

Linebacker Bobby Carpenter, the team's first-round pick, received a five-year offer. The Cowboys made four-year offers to their other seven draft picks.

The team has a rookie pool of $3.786 million, meaning that is the amount of money the team can spend on its draft picks under this season's salary cap.

Carpenter's contract will probably be worth about $10 million. Minnesota defensive end Erasmus James, the 18th pick of last year's draft, signed a five-year, $9.8 million deal.

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Tuna Helper posted this link to a Sporting News article all about Cowboys players and fantasy football.

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