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Jason Whitlock needs an intervention

Sometimes I wonder what it takes to become a professional journalist. Exhibit A: Jason Whitlock. Why doesn't he just change his name to Jason Brainlock. Or how about Jason Whitless. I've read this guys articles before and always came away dumber than when I started.

He's got an article up at ESPN and the reason I read it is because it showed up in one of the many services I have set up to catch articles that mention the Cowboys. What he said about the Cowboys actually made sense.

7. As much as I dislike Terrell Owens, I have to admit he's going to have success in Dallas this season.

I've gone back and forth on how I feel Owens will work with Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe. Right now, I'm firmly in the "Owens will have his best season ever" camp. Playing opposite Terry Glenn and with tight end Jason Witten drawing attention in the middle of the field, I can see Owens scoring 18 touchdowns. His number of receptions will be down, but T.O. will get in the end zone frequently. And he'll behave during the regular season.

I like the Cowboys a lot this year.

OK, that's valid. I should've just stopped there and saved a few brain cells from popping. But no, against my better judgment, I soldiered on and came across this beauty.

5. Joey Harrington is going to beat out Daunte Culpepper by midseason.

Just on that alone, I spewed the Mountain Dew out of my nose that I was carelessly drinking while reading a Jason Whitlock article. Warning: friends don't let friends read Jason Whitlock articles and drink at the same time. Joey Frickin' Harrington? Maybe if Culpepper is still nursing his injured leg, but otherwise? Please. But Whitlock wasn't done, not by a long-shot.

I've never been a Daunte fan. Never. I was irate when the Vikings drafted him just months after Jeff George had a great season. But it's deeper than my allegiance to George.

Allegiance to Jeff George? I don't even know what to say. Had he already used up his allegiance to Tony Mandarich? Was Brian Bosworth not worthy of his love anymore? Does Whitlock have a thing for over-rated white QB's who just can't make it in the NFL?

But wait, if you act now, there's more. Whitlock's pick for Super Bowl Champs?

1. The Baltimore Ravens are my pick to win the Super Bowl.

I love the acquisitions of veteran Trevor Pryce and rookie Haloti Ngata for Baltimore's defensive line. Price and Ngata should make Ray Lewis unstoppable again. Steve McNair solves Baltimore's QB dilemma. Plus, I recently read John Feinstein's book about the Ravens, "Next Man Up," and the book made me like and respect Brian Billick.

Also, the city of Baltimore needs a feel-good story after suffering through the TV death of Stringer Bell and the incarceration of Avon Barksdale on "The Wire."

Stop it, just stop it. Steve McNair + a book about Brian Billick + plotlines on the show "The Wire" = Super Bowl Champs.

I guess he's right, I mean, we've seen that exact scenario come true over and over. By now it's practically a cliche'.

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