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Special announcement from BTB

As I've told you guys recently, I will be heading out to training camp next week for a couple of weeks. My plan is to attend the practices and bring you guys first-hand reports on what is happening out at camp.

While I'm out there, I won't be able to post as regularly because, obviously, I will be out at practice. I will also be trying to get pictures and score interviews. So while I'm doing that, I didn't want the news coverage on the blog to suffer.

So I've asked Terry to help me out and he agreed to be a guest blogger during those weeks. He will be updating the blog during the day with news from the DMN, DFW-ST and other news sources. I chose Terry to help me out because he's been with me on BTB from way back, and because he reads and comments on my posts every day. Getting feedback from the community on my posts is important and Terry never lets me down, even when we were in the slow days of the offseason. (It doesn't mean I love the rest of you guys any less!)

Terry is going to put up some posts this week just to get used to it, and then will post regularly while I'm at camp. You guys can help out too by posting stories you find in the Diaries. I'm sure once camp gets going there will be so much Cowboys news that everybody will need to help out, and that's why BTB is a community blog.

So help me welcome Terry when he puts up his initial post, and you guys treat him nice like you do me. Except for the times you totally disagree with me and tell me I'm full of it. ;-)

Welcome Terry, and thanks for helping me out.

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