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Saints to Release Safety Dwight Smith

ESPN has reported that Saints safety Dwight Smith will be released

I know we signed Marcus Coleman as an experienced vet to solidify the free safety position, but I think Smith is a better cover safety than Coleman. I realize that he might cost a little more, but he's obviously a much better player.

Apparently, the Saints attempted to trade him, but didn't receive any offers they liked. He also is represented by Drew Rosenhaus who now has a relationship with Jerry and Parcells via T.O.

So what do you guys think, sign him and cut Coleman?

What are your thoughts?

Update [2006-7-22 0:13:35 by Grizz]: Looks like Terry might be on to something here. From the DFW-ST:

Jerry Jones said the Cowboys are evaluating whether to sign free agent safety Dwight Smith, who was released by the New Orleans Saints on Thursday.

According to a source, the Cowboys? interest has nothing to do with Keith Davis? situation but rather taking advantage of opportunity to add another good player to the team. The source said the team must determine if Smith is a good character fit before pursuing things further. Smith has been arrested twice in the past three years for brandishing a gun.

At least we know what the character issues are now.

I think the big question the Cowboys will have to calculate is what are the odds that Smith will shoot Davis at some point in training camp!

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