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BTB fantasy football league update

Richard Joke has set up a BTB fantasy football league over at Here's the email update he sent to me.

I have created a Fantasy Football League at  Here's the link:

BTB fantasy football league

Once you register (free) you'll be able to select a league to join.

The league name is BTB Cage Match.  It will have an automated draft as I'm too dang lazy to coordinate a live one.  The draft is set for September 2, 2006.

It is private, so if you want in, email a password request to

Once you get the password from Richard Joke, you will have to name your team before you join the league. After you name your team, you can join a league from a list of leagues. At the bottom of the list is a feature to search for a league by name. Choose that, then search for BTB Cage Match.

I joined the league today. Here's a list of guys who've already said they would play.

Tuna Helper

Email Richard Joke for the password and sign up today.

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