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Jason Witten agrees to contract extension

From ESPN:

Two-time Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten, who has emerged with the Dallas Cowboys as one of the league's elite young players at the position, on Saturday reached agreement on a new six-year contract, has learned.


The new contract is worth about $28 million-$29 million, includes a $12 million signing bonus, and both reflects and reinforces Witten's status now among standout tight ends in the league. A former University of Tennessee star, Witten has played in the Pro Bowl each of the last two seasons.

Woo-hoo! One down. Time to get Roy's deal done, then we can think about Bradie James.

Update [2006-7-22 20:56:49 by Grizz]: Nick Eatman has some more details, it's a seven-year deal, but it covers this year too, so it's a six-year extension. From

And that is what happened Saturday as the Cowboys handed a seven-year, $29 million contract to their Pro Bowl tight end, conceivably keeping him in the plans through the 2012 season.

Witten, who was entering the final season of his original four-year contract he signed in 2003, will earn nearly $13 million over the next eight months. Not only did he receive a $6 million signing bonus on Saturday, but he will also get another guaranteed $6 million option bonus next March, not to mention a base salary of about $500,000 this season.


Witten's deal not only makes him one of the highest-paid players on the team, but one of the richest tight ends in the entire league. In fact, Witten's $12 million in bonuses is the most received by any tight end, and his overall contract is close to the deal Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey signed last summer, which totaled $31.5 million over five years.

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