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New BTB poll

I was thinking it was time for a new poll at BTB. But first, the results of the old one.

Who will start at free safety for the Cowboys?
31% Keith Davis    
35% Marcus Coleman    
19% Pat Watkins    
11% Jusin Beriault    
1%  Willie Pile    

Votes: 109

Keith Davis started out in the lead, then was overtaken by Marcus Coleman, and that happened before Davis got shot, again. Amazingly, Davis made a late run at the lead after he was shot, again. It must have been the aura of invincibility he's building up. How many guys can get shot in the head and the leg and still sound so calm on the 911 call he might as well have been ordering a pizza? But it wasn't enough to overtake Marcus Coleman who comes in as the winner with 35% of the vote.

So I had an idea of what the next poll should be, and then I ran across this article by Lenny P. over at ESPN. Right there in the middle of the article was the same debate I was going to take the poll on.

Rob Petitti versus Jason Fabini versus Marc Colombo (Dallas Cowboys, right offensive tackle): When the Cowboys signed Fabini, after he was released by the Jets for salary cap considerations early this spring, conventional wisdom was that he would walk right into a starting job. After all, Fabini has started 114 games in eight seasons, most of them at right tackle. And the man who drafted him for the Jets in 1998 was Bill Parcells. But word is that Fabini didn't look good at all in the spring. Comparatively, Colombo, who has played in just two games the past three seasons, and was forced to scrap his way back from a shattered leg that threatened to prematurely end the career of the Bears' 2002 first-rounder, was a revelation. The sure thing is that someone with a vowel at the end of his name is going to be the starter. The pretty sure thing is that it's going to be Petitti, who started all 16 games as a rookie in 2005, and who grew into the job as the season wore on. He's still inconsistent but, given time to keep improving, Petitti could end up being a pretty solid strongside blocker

Lenny P. likes Petitti, how about you guys? Go over and vote.

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