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Dallas Cowboys greatest fears

The DFW-ST has woken up after weeks of low activity, and pumped out some stories about training camp.

This article by Clarence E. Hill and Rick Herrin outlines a lot of the issues the Cowboys have going into camp. Besides the position battles of RT and FS they also touch on some of the lesser talked about battles. They also cover offensive and defensive MVPs.

It's a good overview article, everyone should check it out. I found the last part the most interesting, it's a section labeled "Greatest Fears".

T.O.-Bledsoe blowup
Don't forget that T.O. has been at odds with both his quarterbacks in Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb. Don't forget Drew Bledsoe and Keyshawn Johnson argued last season on the sidelines. Bledsoe isn't afraid to say something to his headstrong receivers. But Bledsoe must keep Owens happy or the fur could fly.

This one does worry me somewhat. Drew Bledsoe is the leader of the offense and is the kind of guy who doesn't take crap from anybody. So it will be interesting to see how he handles Terrell the first time he comes back to the huddle with a "you missed me" declaration or some other similar situation. The ideal would be that Bledsoe has talked to Owens before that moment and worked on some kind of communication method. Owens needs to feel respected, Bledsoe needs to at least give the appearance of that, or else...I don't even want to discuss the "or else".
Bad offensive line
Perennial Pro Bowler Larry Allen is gone, and left tackle Flozell Adams is coming off major knee surgery. The offense started to crumble in Adams' absence last season. The Cowboys gave up 50 sacks last season, and Drew Bledsoe might not finish the year if it happens again. It will be imperative that guard Marco Rivera elevates his play with the uncertainty around him.

Shorter version: Keep Bledsoe Upright. (hat tip to Tuna Helper)
Slow start with early road games
The first half of the schedule might make or break the Cowboys' season. The Cowboys play road games in six of their first nine games (including Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Carolina and Washington). Dallas can't afford to fall behind fast in what expects to be a very competitive NFC East.

Keep afloat early and ride the wave of home games late.
Julius Jones injury
Jones' durability will be under the microscope this season. Jones seemed set for a breakout season a year ago, but an ankle sprain kept that from happening. His durability and future in Dallas will be questioned more than ever this season if he can't play 16 games.

I don't know about Jones being set for a break-out season last year before the ankle injury, he was just slightly better than average at the start of last year. Jones needs to show the "star quality" he's exhibited in a hand-full of games over the past two seasons on a more consistent basis. BTB has already chronicled how Jones has used four unbelievable games to pad his stats against a bunch of mediocre games. MB3 is waiting in the wings and Parcells has no problem playing him. It's time for Julius Jones to put his stamp on the starter's role.

Clarence E. Hill also has a standard "5 questions heading into camp" article, here.

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