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Jerry Jones excited about 2006 team

Over at (sub req) Jerry Jones did an interview stating how much he is excited about camp and the prospects for the Cowboys having a championship caliber team this year. Jones said the Cowboys have filled every major hole this offseason and actually have too much depth to the point where they will have to cut some really talented players before the season starts. For example, on the defensive line, players like Jay Ratliff, Thomas Johnson and Kenyon Coleman might not make the final cut. Jones and Parcells really did a great job this off season of making sure we're not caught with our pants down like we were last year at OT position.

   While Jerry has always been some what biased in  assessing the team each year, I have to agree that this is by far and away the most talented team the Cowboys have had on paper since their championship days in the mid '90's. Every postion has very talented players capable of producing at a pro bowl level.

    Jones also points out that injuries will play a major role in the oucome of the season which I totally agree with. If we can stay healthy, and the young guys come through, this could be a very magical season.

Five more days until camp guys, anyone excited out there?

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