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Cowboys article roundup

Another article looking at the NFC East. The article makes no conclusions on who is the best team, but you've got to love the title - Dallas could be beast of NFC East.

Obligatory Terrell Owens article for the day.

Here's a question: Why not talk about his potential chemistry with Drew Bledsoe? Or how his big-play ability might help the Cowboys' running game? Or about Dallas' being a championship contenders? You know, a remark that has something to do with the team.


Because none of that has to do with "me," as in he.

So it goes. Training camp can't start soon enough.

How about a blurb on our other "problem" child, Greg Ellis? OK, Ellis isn't a problem child; he's just an unhappy player.

It has not been the easiest offseason for DE Greg Ellis, coming off an '05 season in which he had a surprising eight sacks and played a larger role in the defense than many had expected. After the Cowboys indicated he was a poor fit in a 3-4 alignment, which the team uses predominantly, Ellis asked for a trade this summer, but the club refused. Team sources say Bill Parcells feels Ellis can be a good fit in the defense situationally and wants to hang on to him if possible. Though second-year players Marcus Spears and Chris Canty are the likely starting ends, Ellis can contribute as the outside guy in "over" and "under" fronts, playing in a "5-technique" (on the outside edge of the offensive tackle) or as an occasional stand-up 'backer. The team also goes to the 4-3 most often in nickel situations, and Ellis is a natural fit there.

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